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Curls for a Rainy Day

March 26, 2021

I am a Curly Girl.... always have been.

With my Curly Hair, I never know what I am going to get.

I am always trying new products and styling techniques. Some work better than others on my hair.

Today was a rainy day & this is what I tried with Day 2 Hair

Wrap 1” sections of hair around 2 fingers & press in GHD 1” Hair Straightener for a few seconds.

Let Curls fall & cool without touching them

This technique smooths my hair and keeps my curls together in bigger sections

Added a Boho hair band in to complete my look

Products Used

   Deva Mist-er Right – Curl Refresher – spray through out hair and rub in scalp

   AG Firewall – Thermal Protector – spray lightly throughout hair in sections

   Deva Wave Maker cocktailed with Curl Maker – spread over curl sections

   Oro Fluido Oil – rub in with hands through hair

My selfie was taken late afternoon & my hair was starting to get some frizz.

Next time I would try using Joico Beach Shake – Texturizing Finisher – spray lightly over hair (helps protect from humidity) & more oil throughout the day as needed

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#devacurl #AG #orofluido #joico

My First Blog - My Curly Hair Journey

June 22, 2019

Creating a blog was in my 5 year plan when I bought my business... 6 years ago. Something keeps stopping me... I'm trying to find the confidence.... so here goes to my first blog (2nd attempt because somehow I just deleted everything)

I am a Curly Girl.... always have been. My Granny used to say I looked like Shirley Temple.... she was right, wilder but beautiful blonde curls....

Then something happened.... my grade school pictures I look like a boy with short hair, big eyebrows & No Curls! I asked my Mom why she had my hair cut that short. She said I had messy, unruly curly hair & she couldn't handle it.

In high school I tried growing my hair, just when I started liking my messy hair, Mom took me for a hair cut... no more wings & back to hating my hair.

The summer of grade 11 seemed like a good time to get a perm.... nope! It was a tight curl & I hated it.. so I took the razor to it... um... not a great idea either. So I started grade 12 with the worst hair of my life. My husband still says he can't believe he stayed with me. From that moment I grew & grew & grew my hair.

I avoided hair salons for years (my business is a hair salon* good karma).

After college, a friend convinced me to get a perm.... it was better with a bigger curl. The next few years I got perms, never loving them until they relaxed alot. Eventually I stopped getting perms & realized I had natural curly hair. With the long length of my hair I had awesome wavy hair.

In my early 30s, my "funny" husband said "Tara, the 80s called, they want their hair back" Ha Ha Ha

Not sure what he was thinking because he likes my hair long & that comment started me on the path to shorter hair. Well the joke was on me because now I had curly hair to "deal with" & I didn't love my curls.

Deva Curl saved me..... I now know how to deal with my hair & the products have helped me Love My Curly Hair.... well most days

(* I am not a hair stylist or a writer)

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